Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 55-3 Fall 2020

Ramsey County History magazine offers a wide variety of articles on the people, places and history of Ramsey County.

Interminable Township Turmoil: White Bear Township and the Power of the Vote
Author: Sara Markoe Hanson
Why is White Bear Township shaped that way? If you’ve ever wondered about the answer to that question, Sara Markoe Hanson, executive director of the White Bear Lake Area Historical Society, carefully details a century-long political journey involving portions of six cities, more than one hundred separate annexations, two Minnesota Supreme court decisions, and an especially heated decade of battles between citizens and local and state government officials in her cover story “Interminable Township Turmoil: White Bear Township and the Power of the Vote.” The original township that formed in 1858 looks quite different today, thanks to the vote and the independent nature of a group of determined township residents.
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A Doctor Ahead of His Time and the Trouble that Followed: The Sexual Life by Charles W. Malchow
Authors: Ryan T. Hurt and Paul Nelson
At the turn of the twentieth century, a progressive doctor named Charles W. Malchow, who worked at Hamline University’s short-lived Department of Medicine, wrote a book—a book about sex. Trained at the Minneapolis College of Physicians and Surgeons and in Europe, the young doctor believed it was important for readers, particularly women, to better understand sexual relationships as healthy and normal. He partnered with publisher Olly Burton. Together, they ran their work by test audiences. They even contacted the postal authorities to make sure they could send promotional materials and the book itself through the mail. They were reminded by one postal official of the Comstock Law. Despite that, they proceeded as planned. Authors Ryan T. Hurt and Paul Nelson, share the aftermath of this fateful decision in their article “A Doctor Ahead of His Time and the Trouble that Followed: The Sexual Life by Charles W. Malchow.”
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Charles Malchow, “Unequalized Sexual Sense and Development the Great Cause of Domestic Infelicity and Nervousness in Women,” Northwestern Lancet XXIII, no. 4 (February 15, 1903): turn to pages 64-68.

Full Text of The Sexual Life by Charles W. Malchow

Trial Record: Olly D. Burton, et. al. v. United States of America

Born in Ukraine: Sculptor Antin Pavlos
Author: Janice Quick
Sculptor Antin Pavlos was one of many Ukrainians who came to St. Paul following World War II to escape the looming threat of Communism. He took a job with St. Paul Statuary upon his arrival in the late 1940s, where he put his skills to work masterfully creating statues, reliefs, and other art for churches, cemeteries, and museums. He was among a handful of Ukrainian men who met at the International Institute of Minnesota in 1950 to begin establishing Saints Volodymyr and Olga Ukrainian Orthodox Parish. Pavlos died just a few years later in 1954, and his work has been largely forgotten, until now. In “Born in Ukraine: Sculptor Antin Pavlos,” author Janice Quick tells the story of Pavlos’s brief time here. Through photographs, she shares some of his sculptures that can still be seen around town today. Additionally, that church Pavlos helped establish grew over the years. It is now known as St. Katherine Ukrainian Orthodox Church and is located in Arden Hills. Pavlos’s work lives on in Ramsey County.
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Rick Heydinger (194-2020): A Tribute
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