Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 50-2 Summer 2015

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Volume 50

Volume 50, Number 2: Summer 2015

When Ramsey County Politics had an Edge: Maas vs. Williams
Author: Paul D. Nelson
From 1927 to early 1945, Melvin J. Maas (1898–1964), a Republican, represented Minnesota’s Fourth Congressional District, which included St. Paul and Ramsey County. Today few remember his long service in Washington or his career. This article is a detailed profile of Maas with particular emphasis on his multiple election contests against Democrat Howard Y. Williams. Defeated for reelection in 1944, Maas, who was an aviator who had learned to fly in World War I, finished his career in the Marine Corps, achieving the rank of major general, and then after going blind, worked in the Eisenhower administration helping find employment for the physically handicapped.
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Long-Ago Snapshots: When Sitting Bull Was Photographed in St. Paul
Author: Leo J. Harris
Sitting Bull, the Hunkpapa Lakota chief, visited St. Paul in 1884 and was photographed at the studio of Alfred Palmquist and Peder Jurgens. This article concentrates on what we know about Sitting Bull’s experience of being photographed in St. Paul, the importance of these photos in what they tell us about the Lakota leader, and the work of photographers who had studios in the city in the 1880s.
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Carnies and Calamities: A Carnival Midway on the Island at Phelan Park, 1903–1908
Author: Janice R. Quick
A young entrepreneur, Jacob Barnet, built a carnival midway and amusement park on the island at Phalen Park in 1903. Under contract with the Board of Park Commissioners, Barnett’s midway was successful in drawing many fun-seeking visitors to his amusements, but he and the Park Board differed greatly on how Barnet was to handle the resulting litter, noise, and overflowing outhouses. Eventually the Park Board voided its contract with Barnet and the midway was removed in 1908.
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Book Reviews

Greg A. Brick, Fountain Cave, Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota and Wakan-Tipi Cave (Carver’s Cave), Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota (Altoona, Pa.: Speece Productions, 2014).

John W. Larson, The German Friend: War and Postwar Letters from German Anti-Nazi Prinz Hubertus zu Löwenstein to American Hans Christian, 1942–1947 (St. Paul: Ramsey County Historical Society, 2014).

Steve Werle, Stassen Again (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2015).
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