Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 50-1 Spring 2015

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Volume 50

Volume 50, Number 1: Spring 2015

Brings Is Gone: The Life and Death of a St. Paul Family Business
Author: Marcia Kremer
Joseph Brings and his family immigrated to the U.S. in 1857 and eventually settled in St. Paul, where Joseph opened a store in 1870 on West Seventh Street that later (1884) became Brings and Company, a feed and seed business. The Brings Company survived hard times and flourished until the middle of the twentieth century, despite a disastrous fire, the coming of the automobile and changing consumer tastes. The family-owned business dissolved in 1971 following the decision of the City of Saint Paul to acquire its location for urban renewal and a housing project.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: Payne Avenue: Memories of Morra, Bocce Ball, Shining Shoes, Gardens, and Swede Hollow
Author: Richard A. Sherwood
The author fondly recalls his youth as a member of one of the few non-Italian, non-Catholic families living on Payne Avenue on the East Side in the 1940s. He learns from his neighbors about their way of life, their religion, and their willingness to work hard and have fun. He also recalls his awareness of young men in his neighborhood going off to fight in World War II and the souvenirs they brought back when they returned.
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“I’m Going to Stick by Uncle Sam:” The Mysterious Tale of the First Volunteer
Author: Patrick M. Hill
Since at least the 1880s, Josias R. King of St. Paul has widely been credited with being the first volunteer to enlist in the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment following President Lincoln’s call for troops on April 15, 1861. That recognition came into question in 1996 when an alternative claim was published making the case for Aaron Greenwald of Anoka as the first volunteer. The author examines in detail all the available evidence for both King and Greenwald and concludes that the facts do not support the claim for Greenwald and the honor belongs to King.
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