Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 37-2 Summer 2002

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Volume 37

Volume 37, Number 2: Summer 2002

Singles, Doubles and Pairs, Fours and Quads—Life on the Mississippi: The 132 Years of the Minnesota Boat Club and Its Rich History
Author: Jim Miller
A history of the Minnesota Boat Club from its 1870 founding to the present. It began as a sporting and social club for well-to-do gentlemen and remained so through its 1915 peak. It suffered decades of decline from World War I through World War II, and slow but steady revival since. The club has had its home at the same place, Raspberry Island in the Mississippi at downtown St. Paul, since1873. The article deals also with the club’s boathouse, a downtown fixture since1910, and the redevelopment efforts in the riverfront area in recent decades.
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‘Hang Him! That’s the Best Way:’ A Lynching in St. Paul? Almost, in 1895, an Era of ‘Vigilante Justice’ in the Nation
Author: Paul D. Nelson
Twenty-five years before the infamous Duluth lynchings, itinerant African-American, Houston Osborne, narrowly escaped lynching in St. Paul. This piece describes the near-lynching, the events leading to it, the press coverage, African-American community reaction, what became of Osborne, and where this event fits in the national lynching phenomenon.
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Which One Is Houston Osbourne? Research Fails to Provide the Answer
Author: Paul D. Nelson
This companion piece to the previous article recounts the author’s efforts to verify a Stillwater Prison photograph of Houston Osborne.
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The Road to the Selby Tunnel, Or How to Make It Up the St. Anthony Hill
Author: Virginia Brainard Kunz
St. Paul’s hills posed a challenge for the street railways of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This article describes the earliest days of horsecars, the problem of hills, the brief experiment with cable cars, the coming of electric streetcars, St. Paul’s curious relationship with street rail magnate Thomas Lowry, and the conquering of St. Anthony (now Cathedral) Hill by the Selby Tunnel.
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“Lost Neighborhood: A Story in Pictures”
A companion piece to the previous article consisting of five photos of the neighborhood at the intersection of Selby and West Third (now Kellogg) just before construction of the Selby Tunnel.
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Growing Up In St Paul: Manager, Fight Promoter, Minnesota Game Warden—Johnny Salvator and His Impact on Boxing in St. Paul
Author: Paul R. Gold
The young German, Johann Salwetter (b. 1891 in Serbia), came to St. Paul around 1910 and became, in time, Johnny Salvator—boxer, trainer of World War I soldiers, movie-house operator, boxing manager, and big-time local boxing impresario before losing everything during the Great Depression. Then he served 25 years as Ramsey County game warden. Salvator died in 1973.
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Book Reviews

Dionicio Nodin Valdés, Barrios Norteños, St. Paul and Midwestern American Communities in the Twentieth Century (Austin, Tex.: University of Texas Press, 2000).

Gene H. Rosenblum, Jewish Pioneers of St. Paul, 1849–1879 (Chicago: Arcadia Publishing, 2001).

Gene H. Rosenblum, The Lost Jewish Community of the West Side Flats, 1882–1962 (Chicago: Arcadia Publishing, 2002).
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