Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 35-4 Winter 2001

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Volume 35

Volume 35, Number 4: Winter 2001

Attacked by a Starving Wolf—Four Sisters of St. Joseph And Their Mission To St. Paul: Patience, Courage, Joyfulness in a Crude Log Cabin
Author: Sister Ann Thomasine Sampson
In November of 1851 four young nuns of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet arrived in the dreary hamlet of St. Paul, invited there by Bishop Joseph Cretin. During the rest of that decade they established schools, a hospital, and an orphanage, taught children of many of the notable pioneer families, ministered to Indians, cared for victims of the 1854 cholera epidemic, and spread their mission work to St. Anthony and Long Lake. Their work lived on for many years in St. Joseph’s Academy (now the site of Christ’s Household of Faith) and St. Joseph’s Hospital. This article, drawn from the author’s book, Seeds on Good Ground, traces the lives of the four sisters from their origins through their fates after leaving St. Paul, plus the history of the order and its work in North America before 1851. It also offers details of life in St. Paul in the 1850s. Illustrated with five photos, two maps, and five drawings or paintings (including front and back covers.)
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The Practical Millionaire: James J. Hill and His Oriental Rugs
Author: Lou Ann Matossian
When Mary Hill died in 1921, her estate included 116 oriental rugs used to furnish the Hills’ Summit Avenue mansion. James J. Hill’s obsessive record-keeping has permitted a considerable, though incomplete, summary of the collection, including the origins of the rugs, the dealers who sold them, their use and placement in the house, and their value. Today only one and a fraction of another of these rugs remain in the Hill House.
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Growing Up In St Paul: A Child With An ‘Eye Problem’ and Memories of the Vision Classes in the St. Paul Schools
Author: John Larson
The author’s memories of growing up in the Merriam Park and North End neighborhoods in the late 1920s and the ‘30s touch upon treatments for his eye disease, the local swimming hole and blacksmith shop, the end of Prohibition, his “vision classes” at Webster and Irving Schools, exploring the new Ramsey County Courthouse, and riding the streetcars.
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Book Review

Elmer L. Andersen, A Man’s Reach, edited by Lori Sturdevant (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2000).
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