Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 35-3 Fall 2000

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Volume 35

Volume 35, Number 3: Fall 2000

Two Horses and One Buffalo Robe—The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office and Its 150 Years: All Frailties of Human Nature
Author: Anne E. Cowie
The long 150-year saga of the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office commenced when the county lines extended northward to Lake Mille Lacs and the present-day Aitkin County. After statehood in 1858, when Ramsey County had been shrunk to a fraction of its original size, the writer chronicles its colorful history, from the first county attorney, Billy Phillips, to the most recent. Often the incumbent county attorney was a principal in the history of the U.S., often the office was a stepping-stone for advancement to higher political office. The backdrop to these accounts of the county attorneys is the Civil War, the prominence of the “O’Brien Dynasty,” the Dakota Conflict of 1862, front-page murder trials, kidnapping of wealthy offspring of the financial elite, and the era of gangsters finding peace and quiet in St. Paul. A botched hanging of a murderer led eventually to the abolition of the death penalty in Ramsey County.
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The Aches and Pains of St. Paul Property Ownership: Taxes, Assessments and Fees between 1856 and 1904: A Snapshot of the Lives of the Flanagan Family
Author: Leo J. Harris
A snapshot of the lives of the Martin Flanagan family is the vehicle for describing the evolution of Ramsey County’s taxes, assessment and property ownership fees in the last half of the nineteenth century. Of note is how the opening of new streets in what had previously been farmland resulted in large assessments to the property owners as more of the fast-growing Capitol city of St. Paul was platted.
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Was That Really Cloud Man? The Pitfalls of Research: Two Leaders, Same Name
Author: Rhoda Gilman
A short account of how information about two different Mdewakanton Dakota chiefs both of whom were named Cloud Man can cause confusion to the historical researcher.
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Book Reviews

Samuel H. Morgan, Environmental Recollections: Including the Story of the Minnesota Parks Foundation, 1967–1988 (St. Paul: Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota, 2000).

Carol Crawford Ryan, Star Island: A Minnesota Summer Community (St. Paul: Pogo Press, 2000).

Gareth D. Hiebert, Oliver’s Towns: More Columns of Oliver Towne (St. Paul: Pogo Press, 2000).
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