Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 33-4 Winter 1999

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Volume 33

Volume 33, Number 4: Winter 1999

Timber, Steel, Law, and Politics: St. Paul’s Pioneering Attorneys and Their More Interesting Cases
Author: Samuel H. Morgan
This is the story of the Briggs & Morgan law firm, one of St. Paul’s oldest and biggest, inextricably tied up with the growth of the city and its major business enterprises. The firm’s rise began with Weyerhauser timber interests; later came iron ore and U.S. Steel; still later 3M and H.B. Fuller. Famous partners included Cushman Davis, a Minnesota governor and U.S. Senator, and Frank B. Kellogg, Senator, ambassador, secretary of state, and Nobel Peace Prize winner. The firm handled many interesting cases, some of which are described here.
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More About the Life and Times of Frank B. Kellogg
Author: John M. Lindley
Frank B. Kellogg had a spotty education as a farm boy in Olmsted County, and never went to law school. His cousin Cushman Kellogg Davis brought him to St. Paul and into the law firm that became Briggs & Morgan, and into a career of great distinction. He became ambassador to Great Britain, and U.S. Secretary of State, an author of the Kellogg-Briand treaty, Nobel laureate, World Court judge, and namesake of downtown St. Paul’s Kellogg Boulevard.
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‘300 Afro-American Performers:’ The Great Cuba Pageant of 1898: St. Paul’s Citizens Support the Struggle for Civil Rights
Author: Dave Riehle
In November 1898 the Twin Cities African-American community put on a grand show of patriotic enthusiasm, entitled “Cuba,” celebrating the U.S. victory in the Spanish-American War. Its cast of hundreds and supporting crew of even more touched almost every middle class black family of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This piece very ably describes the event and the complicated politics, national and racial, in which it took place.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: Eleanor Joins the Family at the Fish Hatchery
Author: Muriel Mix Hawkins
In this second memoir of her childhood at St. Paul’s fish hatchery, the author recounts the arrival of an orphan moose calf, which was named Eleanor, and some of Eleanor’s adventures during her years living there. Eleanor eventually moved on to Itasca State Park and then the Como Zoo.
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Book Review

James Patrick Shannon, Reluctant Dissenter: An Autobiography (New York: Crossroads Publishing, 1998).
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