Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 33-2 Summer 1998

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Volume 33

Volume 33, Number 2: Summer 1998

A ‘Wicked Looking Revolver’ and $3,000 in Gold: F.R. Bigelow’s Dash to France to Rescue His Family from the Guns of August
Author: Frederic R. Bigelow
It’s an adventure tale and a gripping one. The author was president of St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company in 1914 when his wife and children were caught in Europe by World War I. This is the story of his rushed voyage across the Atlantic to Spain, then through Spain and France to find his family and get them out. Bigelow was resourceful and it helped to be rich.
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A Win at Wimbledon in 1959: Links, Courts, Lanes, Diamonds—Ramsey County’s Women Athletes and Their History of Success
Author Kathleen C. Ridder
North Ender Jean Havlish played pro baseball in the 1950s, then won a national amateur bowling title in 1964, then she turned pro. Jean Arthur, unseeded at Wimbledon in 1959, won the doubles title. Mary Meyers won a silver medal in speed skating at the 1968 Olympics. These and several more area athletes from the ’40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s are recalled.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: Porches and Parties Around the Piano; A Year in the Life of Mary Etta Manship
Author: Margaret Manship
“We sat on the porch all evening.” Selections from the summer 1898 to spring 1899 diary of 17-year-old Mary Etta Manship, sister of sculptor Paul Manship. “After supper we all went in the sitting room and sang for two or three hours. What a swell day!”
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