Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 32-4 Winter 1998

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Volume 32

Volume 32, Number 4: Winter 1998

A ‘Launching Upon Journalistic Seas:’ A Chronicle of The St. Paul Daily News—1900–1933
Author: James B. Bell
The St. Paul Daily News, an afternoon newspaper, appeared in 1900 to challenge the Pioneer Press-Dispatch monopoly. It thrived for over thirty years until killed off by the Great Depression. This article tells its story and along the way helpfully untangles the lineages of St. Paul’s various dailies over the decades.
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The Legend of Sam Taran: Boxer, Bootlegger and St. Paul’s “Fighting Tailor”
Author: Paul R. Gold
Sam Taran was less a boxer or tailor than he was a bootlegger and career criminal; he was good at being a crook. Taran was a minor figure in St. Paul’s gangster era but a colorful one and a favorite of the press. Often arrested, rarely convicted, Taran might have been called “teflon” had the term existed in those days. But he finally went down for perjury in 1927, and disappeared.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: From Amerika to America: Alma Crosses the Border
Author: John W. Larson
This memoir of the author’s grandmother illuminates the lives of Swedish immigrants, life on the East Side (Oak Park and Hazel Park), Ames School, the Harvester Works, People’s Church, the Swedish Lutheran Church, and the author’s janitor grandfather, Martin. Like everything written by Mr. Larson, it is witty and engaging.
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