Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 32-3 Fall 1997

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Volume 32

Volume 32, Number 3: Fall 1997

Speakers, Style Shows, and 12,000 Shoppers: The Women’s Institute and How It Revived Downtown St. Paul
Author: Kathleen C. Ridder
“The mission of the Women’s Institute, created in 1939 . . . was to generate retail business in St. Paul by actively encouraging women to shop in the city.” And so it did. The initial force behind the Institute was Pioneer Press newspaper publisher Bernard Ritter, but women ran the show. They took a systematic and research-based approach, then put on a series of events—featuring people like Eleanor Roosevelt and Eve Curie—who brought thousands of women downtown. The Institute’s work continued into 1971.
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19th Century Technology and a Field Engineer’s Canadian Travels
Author: Robert F. Garland
The author’s grandfather, Rob Garland, was a field representative for St. Paul’s Waterous Co., a maker of heavy equipment such as fire engines. His 1898 field notes form the basis for this article. Garland was then based in Manitoba. The notes tell of balky machinery, daunting travels, dirty lodgings, head-scratching repairs issues, failures and successes.
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Life in 1937’s ‘Home of Tomorrow’
Author: Brian McMahon
The Cemstone Corporation, founded in St. Paul, built an all-concrete demonstration house in 1937 at 1345 East Minnehaha. This very short article (less than a full page) tells its story.
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‘A Beautiful, High-Minded Woman:’ Emily Gilman Noyes and Woman Suffrage
Author: Rhoda R. Gilman
Emily Gilman Noyes was born into an influential New York family, later moved to St. Paul and became part of still another, the family owning the Noyes Brothers Cutler wholesale firm. She was a crucial member of the Women’s Welfare League and the Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association, and later the Ramsey County League of Women Voters. Emily Gilman Noyes died in 1930. The family of course continued on, sometimes tragically—great-granddaughter Edie Sedgwick, one of artist Andy Warhol’s circle, died at age 28.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: A Childhood Revisited: The State Fish Hatchery and a Collision of the Past with the Present
Author: Muriel Mix Hawkins
The author grew up in the old fish hatchery, beneath Dayton’s Bluff. She and her brother visited the mostly deserted site in 1987. This memoir recalls that visit and scenes and events from her youth—the family phonograph, Fibber McGee and Gopher football on the radio, the laundry chute and the coal chute, the ice house, the ponds, and the frogs. Memories of a happy childhood.
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Book Reviews

Bill Holm, Faces of Christmas Past (Afton, Minn.: Afton Historical Society Press, 1997).

Paul Clifford Larson, Icy Pleasures: Minnesota Celebrates Winter (Afton, Minn.: Afton Historical Society Press, 1998).

William G. Gabler, Death of the Dream—Classic Minnesota Farmhouses (Afton, Minn.: Afton Historical Society Press, 1997).

Jerome Liebling, Jerome Liebling: The Minnesota Photographs, 1949–1969 (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1997).

Ruth Berman, compiler, Dear Poppa: The World War II Berman Family Letters, edited by Judy Barrett Litoff (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1997).

Robert J. Stumm, A Postcard Journey along the Upper Mississippi (Springfield, Ill.:  Templegate Publishers, 1997).
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