Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 31-2 Summer 1996

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Volume 31

Volume 31, Number 2: Summer 1996

From ‘Part-Time Pick-up’ to Renowned Ensemble: The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and Its First Ten Years—1959 to 1970
Author: Glenn Perachio
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) gave its first performance 18 November 1959 at St. Paul Central High School. The musicians were mostly moonlighters from the Minneapolis Symphony. Ten years later the SPCO made the daring and costly move to a full-time resident ensemble—a move that nearly brought bankruptcy. This piece recounts the orchestra’s first decade in organization, performance, personnel, labor issues, and finances.
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Minnesota’s First Brewery: Yoerg’s Final Years, 1933–1952
Author: James B. Bell
Anthony Yoerg began Minnesota’s first brewery at his home on the Upper Landing in St. Paul in 1848. Then in 1871 the brewery moved to several caves on the west side of the Mississippi because the cool temperatures in the caves were ideal for storing beer. Yoerg’s prospered until the nation was hit by the Great Depression in the 1930s. This article describes the many different ways the company tried to survive hard times and changing tastes in alcoholic beverages before closing in 1952.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: Grandfather Joel Larson—Swedish Immigrant—That ‘Mysterious Stranger’ in Our Midst
Author: John W. Larson
Because the author’s grandfather rarely talked about himself even to family members, Joel Larson was something of a “mysterious stranger” to his grandson. This affectionate account of Joel Larson gives insight into life in St. Paul in the first half of the twentieth century through the experiences of a working class family.
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