Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 30-4 Winter 1996

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Volume 30

Volume 30, Number 4: Winter 1996

Bonspiels, Skips, Rinks, Brooms, and Heavy Ice: The St. Paul Curling Club and its Century-old History
Author: Jane McClure
The first documented curling match in St. Paul took place Christmas Day 1885 on the Mississippi River downtown. The St. Paul Curling Club, located now on Selby Avenue in a building designed by Clarence Johnston, incorporated seven weeks earlier in 1885, it is today the largest such club in the United States. This is its story.
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The Bungalows of the Twin Cities, With a Look at the Craze That Created Them in St. Paul
Author: Brian McMahon
The bungalow house—small, with elegant lines, and affordable—has proved to be one of the country’s most durable housing styles. Its heyday was the first quarter of the 20th century. This article reviews the bungalow and its place in St. Paul.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: Down St. Albans Hill in a Wooden Coaster Wagon
Author: Arthur C. McWatt
This is a charming memoir of an idyllic childhood, or as idyllic as a childhood could be for a black lad in Depression-era Frogtown. He had a “gang,” the Sherburne Aces that in the author’s telling resembled Our Gang of Hollywood fame. They sneaked into Saints games and the State Fair; they hitched rides on trains; they played ball games in the alleys; they roamed the neighborhood. This piece conveys well the texture of a 1930s childhood in St. Paul.
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Book Reviews

Sarah E. Boehme, Christian F. Feerst, Patricia Condon Johnston, Seth Eastman: A Portfolio of North American Indians (Afton, Minn.: Afton Historical Society Press, 1995).
Mary Henderson Eastman, Dahkotah, or Life and Legends of the Sioux around Fort Snelling, with a preface by Rena Neumann Coen (Afton, Minn.: Afton Historical Society Press, 1995).
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