Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 29-4 Winter 1995

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Volume 29

Volume 29, Number 4: Winter 1995

What Happened to Fountain Cave—The Real Birthplace of St. Paul?
Author: Greg Brick
A detailed account by a noted speleologist and urban geologist of his research on Fountain Cave in St. Paul, which was first reported by Major Stephen Long in 1817. The mouth of Fountain Cave was sealed off with the construction of Shepard Road in 1960 and all that can be seen today at the site of the cave on the Mississippi is a historical marker.
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The Obscure Plaque on the Wall: Who Were the Boys from the Adams School?
Author: Paul D. Nelson
Adams School is today a public grade school in St. Paul’s West Seventh neighborhood. Built in 1924, the building contains a memorial plaque acknowledging boys from the school who gave their lives for their country fighting in World War I. Who were these boys? The article explores the research needed to identify them and report as much as can be learned about their wartime service and how they died.
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Money—And How They Fared When There Wasn’t Any Out on Minnesota’s Frontier
Author: Ronald M. Hubbs
In Minnesota from the middle to the end of the nineteenth century hard currency was usually scare and often it had depreciated in value, especially during the several financial panics the nation experienced. The author explained how people coped by using barter and other ways to deal with this this problem.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: ‘Grandfather Durkee Was a Crusty Gentleman’
Author: Rueul D. Harmon
Adapted from an interview with the author done shortly before his death, he recounts his sometimes uneasy relationship with his grandfather during the author’s years growing up in St. Paul.
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Book Reviews

Aagot Raaen, Grass of the Earth, with an introduction by Barbara Handy-Marchello (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1994).
Marjorie Myers Douglas, Eggs in the Coffee, Sheep in the Corn (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1994).
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