Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 29-2 Summer 1994

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Volume 29

Volume 29, Number 2: Summer 1994

Lafayette Park and the Vanished Homes of St. Paul’s Elite
Author: Marshall R. Hatfield
Officially created in 1886, Lafayette Park for many years was at the center of a stylish neighborhood where many of St. Paul’s elite had their homes. Residents included James J. Hill, John S. Prince, Elias F. Drake, Horace Thompson, Henry H. Sibley, Amherst H. Wilder, Maurice Auerbach, Philip McQuillan, and Bruno Beaupre had. Nearby churches included St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church and the original building of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Today that neighborhood is totally gone. This article explains what happened to it and where its prominent residents went.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: Harriet Island and the ‘Fearless Popper’
Author: William D. Bowell Sr.
A charming account of the author’s family’s popcorn wagon concession on Harriet Island in the 1930s and his childhood experience in the popcorn business.
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When Women’s Work Was Rarely Done?
Author: Tamara C. Truer
A careful look back at the lives of the women who lived on Ramsey County’s market garden farms during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. For most of these farm women, housework and care for their families filled their days and visits to St. Paul were infrequent. In addition church-related activities and schooling of their children took up much of their free time. Thus the author questions whether the “good old days” were really so good after all.
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Book Reviews

Margaret W. Harmon, Our Wildflowers and Trees (St. Paul: Margaret W. Harmon, 1993).
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