Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 28-1 Spring 1993

Ramsey County History magazine offers a wide variety of articles on the people, places and history of Ramsey County.

Volume 28

Volume 28, Number 1: Spring 1993

. . . ‘And a Sprinkling of Jews’: Work and Faith and Minnesota’s Jewish Merchants
Author: Marilyn J. Chiat
There were Jews in St. Paul as early as 1851. The first to come were German, followed later in the century by Russians and Poles. Most were poor and many came in intact families. This article describes early Jewish immigration to Minnesota (not just Ramsey County), some of their community organizations, and the ways they earned a living.
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Romance, Melodrama, Murder, Mayhem—The Novelist in Not-So-Fictional St. Paul
Author: Frances Sontag
As a setting for fiction, St. Paul still trails London, New York, Paris, and perhaps a few other cities. Novels set here include Maud Hart Lovelace’s Early Candlelight; Colonel C. Hankins’s Dakota Land, or The Beauty of St. Paul; and Grace Flandrau’s Cousin Julia. There have also been some obscure books set in St. Paul, and the author takes us through them. The authors include Mabel Seely, Norman Katkov, Steve Thayer, and a few more.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: Looking Back at the Black Community—Part II
Author David V. Taylor
The author, historian and former Dean of the General College at the University of Minnesota, was born in St. Paul in 1945. This memoir recounts his childhood in a close-knit, socially conservative community; Maxfield School, John Marshall Junior High, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, and the author’s mother figure prominently.
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What’s Historic About This Site? The Highland Park Water Tower and Its Architect, Clarence Wigington
Author: Arthur C. McWatt
One of St. Paul’s most famous landmarks is the Highland Water Tower. This is a short profile of its architect, Clarence Wigington.
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Book Reviews

Park Genealogical Books, A Guide to the Minnesota State Census Microfilm: The Grave Markers of Hennepin County, MN, volume 2, compiled by Alfred J. Dahlquist and Barbara L. Dahlquist (1992)
Maurice Dwight Edwards, History of the Synod of Minnesota, Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. (Brooklyn Park, Minn., Park Genealogical Society, 1993).
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