Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 27-4 Winter 1992-1993

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Volume 27

Volume 27, Number 4: Winter 1992–1993

Henry Bosse’s Priceless Photographs and the Mississippi’s Passage into the Age of Industry
Author: John O. Anfinson
In 1989 the author, then historian for the Army Corps of Engineers in St. Paul, received a call about an album of oval, blue-tinted photographs of the Upper Mississippi. This call brought to light the existence of 169 exquisite images, left for 50 years on a Corps’ dredge, of the Mississippi in transition from a natural river to one decisively shaped by the human hand. This article tells the story of those photographs and that transition.
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Draughtsman, Photographer, Artist: Who Was the Mysterious Henry Bosse?
Author: William Roba
In two pages the author recounts what is known of the life of Henry Bosse—born in Prussia, emigrated to the United States, worked at various jobs around the Midwest, made a career in the Corps of Engineers, and created a timeless body of work.
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Growing Up in St. Paul: Looking Back at the Black Community
Author: Eula T. Murphy (with David V. Taylor)
The author, born in Alabama in 1919, moved with her family to St. Paul in 1920. She grew up mostly in Frogtown during the Depression. The family suffered unemployment, her mother’s early death, and the troubles of being black in a very white city. She and her sisters thrived just the same. This memoir takes her into the 1990s.
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Charlotte Ouisconsin Van Cleve, Daughter of a Frontier Regiment—1819
Author: Ronald M. Hubbs
Charlotte Clark was born in Prairie du Chien in 1819 as her family made their way to her father’s posting at still-to-be-built Fort Snelling. As an adult, she married another soldier, who served in the Dakota War of 1862 and the Civil War; they settled in St. Paul, then Minneapolis, where Van Cleve Park is named for her husband. Late in life she wrote a memoir, described here.
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Josias King: First Volunteer for the Union
Author: Robert J. Stumm
Minnesota legend insists that Minnesota offered the first Union army volunteers of the Civil War, and that the first of the first was Josias King. He posed for the monument at the foot of Summit Avenue. This is his story in brief.
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 Book Reviews

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