Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 25-2 Summer 1990

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Volume 25

Volume 25, Number 2: Summer 1990

An Excess of Zeal and Boosterism—Few Holds Barred in Twin Cities Rivalries
Author: Virginia Brainard Kunz
A summary of the major struggles for dominance between Minneapolis and St. Paul: the Census War of 1890 (won by Minneapolis, but only after arrests, threats, extravagant cheating, and a recount); the 14-year battle for the State Fair; the baseball rivalry between the Saints and Millers, brought to an end only by the coming of major league baseball; water vs. rail – Minneapolis had its falls and St. Paul had the rapids that kept shipping from reaching Minneapolis. Then came the railroads—call it a draw; the competing stockyards, the competing airports, the fight for the Ford plant, downtown redevelopment. The hatchet has been buried, but it keeps escaping.
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The Mississippi at St. Paul—Playground on the City’s Door Step
Author: Thomas B. Mega
This article reviews the pleasure uses of the river in St. Paul from Pig’s Eye’s 1838 grog shop through the RiverFest music events of 1988. From very early days there were pleasure cruises. There were camp meetings at Red Rock. The Minnesota Boat Club and Minnesota Yacht Club put on races, regattas, and picnics. Harriet Island, with its “public baths,” zoo, and playgrounds was a huge attraction for many years, and other parks were built to take advantage of river views. There have been decades of decline, brought on by pollution, neglect, and the Corps of Engineers. Recreational renewal began in the 1970s, spurred by the cruise boat Jonathan Padelford and revitalization of the rowing and boating clubs. “The Mississippi riverfront, then, is enjoying a renaissance as a center for recreation in St. Paul.”
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Mapping Minnesota: 1697 to 1857
Reproductions of four historic maps featuring the Upper Mississippi.
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Lillie and Ida at the Fair
Author: Karen Bluhm
Sisters Lillie and Ida Gibbs visited the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, and wrote home about it. Lillie’s great-granddaughter reconstructs the event.
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What’s Historic About This Site? Ramsey County’s “Poor Farm” Barn: Remnant of a Rural Past
“For the thousands of people who pass the Ramsey County Fairgrounds each year, or call in at the county’s extension service offices, the majestic barn at 2020 White Bear Avenue is a landmark, a reminder of the county’s rural past, and much more.”
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Book Reviews

Eric C. Hansen, The Cathedral of St. Paul: An Architectural Biography (St. Paul: The Cathedral of St. Paul, 1990).
Bette Jones Hammel, From Bauhuas to Bowties: HGA Celebrates 35 Years (Minneapolis: Hammel Green and Abrahamson, 1989).
Gareth Hebert, ed., Little Canada, A Voyageur’s Vision (Stillwater: The Croixside Press, 1989).
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