Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 22-1 1987

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Volume 22

Volume 22, Number 1: 1987

Diphtheria, Typhoid, Tuberculosis: Roots of Ramsey’s Health Care Trace Back to Anker Hospital
Author: Mary Alice Czerwonka
This article describes the history of Ramsey County’s public hospitals from 1873 to 1987. Dr. Arthur Ancker arrived in St. Paul in 1883 and over the next forty years created a much-admired institution. A new hospital was built in 1887, and Ancker presided over endless modifications. He led public health battles against diseases and pressed constantly for higher standards of care. The hospital continued to expand, adding a diabetes clinic, heart surgery, poison control, psychiatry, and a burn unit. The St. Paul-Ramsey County Medical Center—later Regions Hospital—opened in 1965. Public health and innovation continued in burns, emergency medicine, a helipad, pediatrics, and research. There were also innovations like the independent hospital board of directors and physicians.
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