Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 20-3 1985

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Volume 20.

Volume 20, Number 3: 1985

Farming in the Shadow of the Cities: The Not-So-Rural History of Rose Township Farmers, 1850–1900
Author: Kendra Dillard
The story of farming in the shadow of the city of St. Paul focuses on the Gibbs Farm and the Gibbs family history as an example of agriculture’s relation to nearby St. Paul. Heman and Jane Gibbs were one of the first settlers in Rose Township when they moved there in 1854. They grew crops that were needed in the city, such as vegetables. Home market gardeners integrated their rural lives with urban needs. Because of the higher price of land near St. Paul, Gibbs and others produced goods with higher values rather than grain cash crops. They often specialized in dairy and swine for year-around money. Heman’s account books show items shipped and sold. This type of farming started disappearing from Ramsey County after World War II.
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Growing Up on Dayton’s Bluff—A Turn-of-the-Century Boyhood
Author: Karl H. Trout
The author recalls the everyday life of a boy who lived in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood. His family lived on Burns Avenue in a home with no central heat, gas, or electric heat. Warmth was provided from coal in a basement furnace. The family used kerosene lamps for light and iceboxes for refrigeration. Children amused themselves by playing marbles and riding bicycles. They frequently went to the nearby State Fish Hatchery for entertainment.
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