Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 9-2 Fall 1972

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Volume 9

Volume 9, Number 2: Fall 1972

Brave Men in Their Motor Machines–And the 1918 Forest Fire
Author: Arnold L. Luukkonen
The Minnesota Home Guard was created in 1917 to replace the Minnesota National Guard, which had been federalized for World War I. One of its components was the Motor Corps, made up of volunteers who “offered their private automobiles as a means of transporting the Home Guard to any point within the state.” The calamitous northern Minnesota forest fires of October 1918 brought the Home Guard into action. The Motor Corps first carried supplies to the relief trains in St. Paul and Minneapolis, then troops to Moose Lake. There the volunteer drivers brought in survivors and ferried firefighters to unquenched fires. Later they transported troops to keep order and prevent looting. When influenza broke out, they distributed medical and public health supplies. The Home Guard commander said, “Had it not been for the Motor Reserve, … the splendid work done by other organizations would have been seriously hampered, if not completely nullified.”
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Forgotten Pioneers: James C. Burbank, The Man Who Used Coach and Boat to Link the Northwest to St. Paul
Author: Robert Orr Baker
Bringing the Red River country, and by extension all of the “Hudson Bay country this side of the Rocky Mountains, into … communication with St. Paul was the work of one man, James Crawford Burbank.” Burbank (1822–1876) started as a patent medicine salesman, then began a parcel and mail carrying enterprise. From there he advanced to retail and wholesale merchandising, shipping, then overland passenger hauling. He ran the Northwestern Express Co., a St. Paul city omnibus line, and the Minnesota Stage Company, which ran to the Red River country. In 1861 the Hudson’s Bay Company began shipping furs to the world through Burbank in St. Paul. Burbank also became the major hauler of supplies to U.S. forts in the upper West. He was president of the first St. Paul street railway and of St. Paul Fire and Marine from 1865 to his death. Burbank also served in the Minnesota Legislature and as president of the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce.
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Introduction: Anna Ramsey’s Letters
Author: Anna E. Ramsey
Anna Ramsey was the wife of Alexander Ramsey, Minnesota’s first territorial governor. Over 200 of her letters survive. The excerpts published here provide “a survey of various aspects of Mrs. Ramsey’s life.” These include her sense of humor, her relations with husband, Alexander, and daughter, Marion, church activities, charity work at Home for the Friendless, and travels in Europe.
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