Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 6-1 Spring 1969

Ramsey County History magazine offers a wide variety of articles on the people, places and history of Ramsey County.

Volume 6

Volume 6 Number 1: Spring 1969

Fort Snelling—”Hardship” Duty at the Frontier Post and a Training Ground for Generals
Pen portraits of some of the notable officers who served at Fort Snelling between 1820 and the early 1860s, including Zachary Taylor, Bernard Bee, Simon Bolivar Buckner, Winfield Scott Hancock, and John Pemberton.
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Orders, Letters, Lists of Possessions: Colonel Snelling’s Journals
Author: Virginia Brainard Kunz
A recounting of life and the historical significance of Fort Snelling. The excerpts, joined by explanatory text, touch on death by disease, military discipline, relations with Native Americans, planned participation in a duel, Snelling’s transfer to St. Louis, and an inventory of his possessions. Also included are excerpts from a leter of an enlisted man, Gustavus Otto, recounting the hardship of a winter at the fort.
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The Enterprising Salesman and the Old Road to Lake Como
A short account of real estate developer Henry McKenty and his energetic efforts in the 1850s and ‘60s to sell properties at Lake Como, where McKenty had a house. To get to the lake, a pasthway came into use that over time became known as the “Como Road.”
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Forgotten Pioneers: Dr. John H. Murphy
Dr. John Henry Murphy (1826–1894) was “virtually the first formally trained doctor to settle in what is now the Twin Cities.” He and wife, Adelaide, the daughter of Ramsey County pioneer Benjamin Hoyt, settled in St. Anthony in 1849. He served in the territorial and state legislatures, as a regimental surgeon in the Civil War and in the West, as president of the St. Paul School Board, as physician to the Ramsey County Poor Farm, as state surgeon general, and vice president of the American Medical Association.
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Summer Evenings, a Smudge Kettle, Tallow Candles—And Farm Life Recalled
Author: Lillie Gibbs LeVesconte
A short memoir written by the youngest daughter of Jane and Heman Gibbs about her years in the 1870s during summer evenings after all the chores were done and family members gathered in the cool outside the farmhouse with a smudge kettle and candles for conversation, music, and relaxation. This article also includes an account of the Dakota trail that crossed the Gibbs property.
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