Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 2-2 Fall 1965

Ramsey County History magazine offers a wide variety of articles on the people, places and history of Ramsey County.

Volume 2

Volume 2, Number 2: Fall 1965

The Story of White Bear Lake: Hardship and Struggle in a Rugged Wilderness
Author: Nancy L. Woolworth
This article covers the town’s first fourteen years, 1849–1862. The first settler in 1849, the official opening for claims in 1850, James Goodhue’s storied of s land boom, the first resort hotel in 1853, early prominent families, the first school (1857), the first post office (1859), and the removal of the last of the local Dakota (1862).
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Foolish and Childlike or Fierce and Savage? St. Paul’s Early Settlers and the Indians Among Them
Author: Edward J. Lettermann
“In the history of America, the relationship of white man to Indian has swung wildly between cordial and aggressively hostile…. Whites seem to regard the Indians alternately as foolish children and fearsome savages…. In the St. Paul of 100 years ago these attitudes showed clearly in what was written about the Indians of the area by the men and women who knew them ….” The author draws upon early sources for an array of attitudes toward the mostly Dakota people who lived near and visited St. Paul. These materials portrayed Native Americans as, alternatively, shrewd traders, drunks, beggars, stoics, providers of staple goods, trustworthy, thieving, and comical.
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‘Floating Down the River…:’ Today’s Boaters See Landmarks As Pioneers Once Viewed Them
Author: Frances Bruce Shepherd
The author surveys the history of 53 miles of the Upper Mississippi, from St. Anthony Falls to Red Wing, with history and observations for each stop along the way: Fort Snelling, Fountain Cave, Harriet Island, Lambert’s Landing, the burial mounds, Kaposia, Red Rock, Inver Grove, Merrimac Island, Grey Cloud Island, Nininger, Point Douglas, Hastings, and Red Wing.
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