Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 11-1 Spring 1974

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Volume 11

Volume 11 Number 1: Spring 1974

Macalester and Its First Forty Years
Author: Edward Swanson
Most of Macalester College’s first 40 years consisted of Edward Duffield Neill’s efforts to get it off the ground. Neill came to St. Paul as a young clergyman in 1849, founded the First Presbyterian and House of Hope churches, the Baldwin School, which had an off and on existence, and two colleges that never came into actual being. After the Civil War and postwar government service, Neill returned to Minnesota and tried again. He got a Minneapolis building from Charles Macalester, persuaded the Presbyterian Church to adopt his Macalester College (still then just a name), acquired land in St. Paul, and found a new president, Thomas McCurdy. Macalester College held its first classes in September 1885, with Neill on the faculty. Neill died in 1893 at age 70.
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Minnesota’s Wandering State Fair and How It Settled in St. Paul
Author: Gordon Hayes
People connived and schemed to get and keep the Minnesota State Fair for over 30 years from 1854 to 1885. The outcome represented a rare win for St. Paul in its rivalry with Minneapolis. The early fairs moved around: Minneapolis, Fort Snelling, St. Paul, even Rochester and, once, Owatonna. Some were successful, some not. Minneapolis businessman and fair booster William King did all in his power in the 1870s and early ‘80s to keep the fair from settling in St. Paul, going so far as to put on rival fairs in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis-St. Paul rivalry got in the way of a consistently successful fair. A compromise was sought in a site between and accessible to both cities. After much wrangling, a committee settled at last on the site of the Ramsey County Poor Farm, donated by Ramsey County to the State Agricultural Society. The fair has had a permanent home at this location since 1885.
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Explorers, Traders, Farmers: The Early History of St. Paul
Author: Anne Cowie
The basic geology of the river gorge, the early explorers, Pike’s purchase, Fort Snelling, the Selkirk refugees, Pig’s Eye and the expulsions from Fort Snelling, Vetal Guerin, Abraham Perry, Louis Robert, Norman Kittson, Henry Jackson, Lucien Galtier, Matilda Rumsey, Harriet Bishop: a short primer on the establishment of St. Paul.
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