Ramsey County History Magazine: Volume 10-1 Spring 1973

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Volume 10

Volume 10, Number 1: Spring 1973

A Revolutionary, a Scientist, and a Civil Rights Leader: 300 Years of Pioneering for St. Paul’s Colorful Markoes
Author: Jeffrey H. Smith
The Markoes, originally Huguenots, had a long history in colonial America before William Markoe arrived in St. Paul in 1856. He dealt in real estate, served on the city council, and ran a Catholic school. William Markoe was also the state’s first aeronaut, making a balloon ascent in September 1857 north of downtown and coming to rest in Anoka County. William’s grandson, John Markoe, attended West Point, playing on the football team with Dwight Eisenhower and Omar Bradley. He served along the Mexican border during the Mexican Revolution, and was cashiered for drunkenness, went into business in St. Paul, returned to the military, and then turned to the priesthood. Ordained a Jesuit in 1928, he worked in St. Louis and Omaha, giving special attention to civil rights. His special vehicle was the De Porres Club, involved in all the great civil rights struggles of the 1940s and ‘50s.
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1924’s “Prime Underdogs” and Their Two-Title Victory
Authors: Gordon Hayes with Norvy Mulligan
The story of the St. Paul Saints’ 1924 season, when they won the American Association title, defeated Baltimore of the International League in the Little World Series, then beat Seattle of the Pacific Coast League. The article also recounts incidents from the Saints’ 1903, 1904, 1920, and 1923 seasons, and mentions notable Saints players and managers, including Mike Kelley, Johnny Neun, Miller Huggins, and Charlie Dressen.
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The First “Living Flag”
Authors: Mrs. George R. Becker with George A. Rea
The first-known “living flag,” was mounted near Rice Park in St. Paul in 1896. The flag was made up of St. Paul schoolchildren under the direction of Prof. C.H. Congdon, supervisor of music for the city schools.
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