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Ramsey County History magazine

RCHS publishes an award-winning quarterly magazine, Ramsey County History. In continuous publication for over 50 years, Ramsey County History is a benefit of membership in RCHS. Back issues are available in the Research Center. Some are also available for purchase.

Ramsey County History magazine
Summer 2022, Vol. 57-2

Ramsey County History magazine
Spring 2022, Vol. 57-1

Ramsey County History magazine
Winter 2022, Vol. 56-4

Ramsey County History magazine
Fall 2021, Vol. 56-3

Ramsey County History magazine
Summer 2021, Vol. 56-2

Ramsey County History magazine
Spring 2021, Vol. 56-1


List of articles and summaries of back issues

The Author Honorarium Program for the Magazine

The Ramsey County Historical Society is always seeking manuscripts for Ramsey County History, its quarterly history magazine that have:

  1. A new, more complete, or corrective contribution to material dealing with the history of Ramsey County, Minnesota; and
  2. Have an effective balance of appropriate historical research, documentation, and accessibility to a broad audience of readers; and
  3. Are written in an engaging style and include appropriate visual materials such as photos, maps, diagrams, or other illustrations that encourage the reading of local or regional history.

Because these criteria are important to the Society and manuscripts that meet them will exemplify the highest standards of historical research and writing, RCHS awards a modest honorarium to authors of manuscripts that meet these criteria.

Each manuscript that is submitted is evaluated against these three criteria. Acceptance of a manuscript for publication is not an automatic qualification for an honorarium. Authors interested in reading examples of published articles that exemplify excellence in writing history should see the following in back issues of Ramsey County History:

Paul D. Nelson, “Lost Neighborhood: The Life and Death of Central Park—A Small Part of the Past Illuminated” (Fall 2004)
Frank M. White, “They Played for the Love of the Game: Adding to the Legacy of  Minnesota Black Baseball” (Spring 2010)
Donald L. Empson, “The History of the Mississippi River Boulevard,” (Summer 2014)

Inquiries about writing for Ramsey County History should be directed to the Editor, Meredith Cummings, (editor@rchs.com).

Books and Publications

RCHS has published a wide variety of books on historical subjects for children and adults.
A complete list of books and publications available through RCHS.
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New Publications

Mairs & Power at 90: A Rich History, A Bright Future

Over the last nine decades, nearly all the firms in the tumultuous and unforgiving financial services industry have been rolled up, split up, spun out or blown up. A shining exception: St. Paul’s Mairs & Power, the oldest continuously independent investment management firm in Minnesota and one of relatively few such entities in the country to survive since the onset of the Great Depression.

Author Dave Beal unpacks the improbable and colorful ascent of the firm in a new Ramsey County Historical Society (RCHS) book: Mairs & Power at 90: A Rich History, A Bright Future.

This hardcover book, richly illustrated with more than 150 photos and graphics and fully indexed, can be ordered by clicking the online order form here: Mairs & Power at 90 Order Form

Or by contacting RCHS at:
75 West 5th Street, #323, Saint Paul, MN 55102

Member Pricing: $40, tax included, and free shipping in Minnesota.
Non-Member Pricing: $45 plus $5 shipping & handling, tax included.

For more information, see https://www.rchs.com/news/mairs-and-power-at-90/

Neighborhood Architecture – Irvine Park, Saint Paul: a coloring book.
Twin Cities-based illustrator Jeanne Kosfeld and author Richard Kronick have together transformed a simple sketchbook featuring pen and ink drawings into a brief storytelling of the Irvine Park neighborhood’s unique 172-year history. Artists of all ages and abilities may colorize their own imagined versions of these historic edifices, including fanciful Queen Anne-style homes, simple clapboard houses, and elaborate French Second Empire-style mansions, while learning about the architecture and history of the area and its inhabitants at the same time.

Neighborhood Architecture – Irvine Park, Saint Paul: a coloring book is available in softcover with eighteen house sketches, brief histories of the homes’ owners and architecture; and an architectural style guide and glossary at the end of the forty-eight-page book. Cost is $20; $18 for RCHS members.

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Audio and Visual Publishing

RCHS is continuing to work on a variety of publishing projects that will be presented to the public on disk or online. You can find more information on our podcasts, dvds, forthcoming videos and more on the Audio & Video page.